Why International Business Travelers Need a Pocket WiFi Device

If you’re an international business traveler, you’ll know it’s sometimes hard to find reliable and safe WiFi connections. You’ll know that maintaining a connection with your business is essential. Business relationships, decisions, conversations all happen almost instantly with our digital, always-connected devices. That’s why pocket WiFi devices are becoming more important for businesses travelers.

Let’s take a look at what a pocket WiFi is, how it works, the benefits and then look specifically at the Powww pocket WiFi Device.

What is a Pocket WiFi?

A pocket WiFi goes by many names; you may sometimes hear it referred to it as a mobile hotspot, wireless router, MiFi, mobile WiFi, etc. All of these are terms for a portable WiFi device. These devices are similar to your home WiFi router and help you to connect to the Internet; however, a mobile WiFi device works while you’re traveling, too. You don’t have to stay connected from your home or office—you now have the option to connect to the Internet from almost anywhere.

How Does a Pocket WiFi Device Work?

A pocket WiFi is a small, portable device that works the same way as your WiFi router at the office or at home. The main difference is that a portable WiFi device uses a wireless connection to the Internet—no wires are needed.

Instead of wires, a pocket WiFi device uses a SIM card to connect to the Internet. You’ll have a 24/7 personal, private connection to the Internet available almost anywhere in the world. Pocket WiFi devices also allow you to connect several devices at a time, such as laptops, tablets, your phone, gaming devices, etc.

Mobile WiFi is easy to use—just keep the device charged up—turn it on and you can instantly connect to the Internet from your location. As long as there’s a strong network connection, you’ll have fast, easy access to the Internet. It’s that simple.

The Benefits of a Pocket WiFi Device

You’ve seen how easy they are to use, now let’s take a look at some of the benefits you’ll experience with your own private Internet connection:

1). 24/7 high-speed Internet connection: you’ll have an instant high-speed Internet connection at your fingertips. You’ll no longer have to worry about sudden disconnects, lack of service and more. Not only that, you’ll also have 24/7 access available any time you need it.

2). Secure connection: public WiFi access points are becoming more common; however, they present some privacy issues due to many of the networks being unsecured. When connecting to a public WiFi, there’s always the danger that a hacker could access and steal personal information (such as login credentials, credit card information, etc.), sensitive business details and more. On the other hand, a pocket WiFi device offers a secure, private Internet connection.

3). Connect multiple devices: with a pocket WiFi device, you’ll be able to connect several devices at a time. In addition, you control which devices connect to your WiFi by using a strong password. You can connect cell phones, tablets, laptops and more to your pocket WiFi device.

4). Small, easy to carry: pocket WiFi devices are typically about the size of your smart phone, making them easy to pack and carry on any trip. Toss it in your laptop bag, purse, backpack, etc. and you’re ready to go!

5). Business on-the-go: with a pocket WiFi device, you’ll be ready for business on the go. Whether you need to send that report just before the deadline, call a business associate or client via Skype or another service, respond to instant messages, or send an image of the latest prototype, you’ll have instant access to the Internet to take care of business as you travel. No more worries or delays with important business decisions or contacts. With 24/7 connection, you’ll be able to take care of multiple business tasks with private, secure Internet access from almost anywhere in the world.

These are the general benefits you can expect from using a pocket WiFi device. Next, let’s take a look at the Powww Pocket WiFi device and the specific benefits you can expect from POWWW.

Powww Pocket WiFi Worldwide

Powww is a Dutch company offering a WiFi hotspot device with an integrated SIM to help you stay connected when traveling abroad. This portable device can be used in more than 100 countries around the world, making it the best option to stay connected with your business while traveling. You’ll no longer have the need to use unsecured public WiFi hotspots and you’ll have access to unlimited data. You’ll be able to take care of business no matter where you are.

When it comes to rates, you’ll find Powww offers prices competitive with local data rates. You pay a flat, low rate per day or per month to access a secure, private Internet connection worldwide. With flat rates, you’ll pay a fixed rate by the day, month or year for unlimited using the bundle of your choice. You won’t face hidden rates with Powww’s pocket WiFi device.

Here’s a list of benefits you can expect from the Powww pocket WiFi device:

  • Always available and fast connection 24/7
  • Portable plug & play device
  • Connect up to 5 devices at one time
  • 13 hour battery life
  • 4G LTE speed
  • Private, secure connection every time
  • Powww works in over 100 countries around the world

At Powww, we’re ready to help you reach your business goals and stay connected on the go. Be sure to contact us for more information on our pocket WiFi device! We’re here to help you get started with a secure, private Internet connection when you need it. Contact us right away for more information.


Enjoy High Speed Wi-Fi Without Hidden Costs

If you leave the European Union and want to use your smartphone’s mobile internet connection, you will be in for a surprise when you return home and see your bill. Many people use their smartphone’s hotspot to stay connected when overseas but face unexpected roamingcosts by the time they return.

You need to stay connected while you are away but don’t want to break your budget to do so, and you don’t know where to turn. Powww is here to help. We offer a Wi-Fi hot spot that can provide you with high-speed internet around the globe without hurting your bank account.

Wi-Fi Access in More Than 100 Countries

Whether you travel for work, fun or both, you need to stay connected at all times so that you can respond to emails and check on your family in addition to getting travel updates.

Many hot spots only work in one or two regions, leaving you without access if you travel somewhere not covered by your plan. Powww safeguards you from that threat by offering service in more than 100 countries across the globe. This international coverage ensures you can stay connected when it matters the most, giving you peace of mind.

Fast Speeds

You want fast internet speeds when you get a portable hot spot that has no roamingcosts. Whether you are checking the status of your flight or video chatting with the members of your team, you need a connection that is fast enough to do the job right.

Having a fast internet connection keeps you connected and prevents you from missing important updates about your trip and the other areas of your life. Those on business trips can work much faster when they have a speedy internet connection that won’t let them down.

Powww is proud to offer its subscribers high-speed internet on which they can depend. A secure connection lets you buy things online, access your bank account and send files to your manager. When you want safeguards you can trust, you will know Powww is the choice for which you have been searching.

Secure Connection

A lot of people travel and try using the hotel Wi-Fi when they arrive at their destination, but that is not always wise. Public Wi-Fi is vulnerable to attacks that let criminals steal your personal data or infect your system with malware. If someone steals your data, they can use it to take out credit cards in your name and engage in other behavior that will damage your credit score.

Not catching the problem in the early stages gives it time to spiral out of control, and you can’t afford to end up in that situation. The hot spot offered by Powww gives you a secure connection that keeps your private details safe from prying eyes.

Flexible Payment Options

You might have come across other global internet providers that have strict and costly pricing terms, and that is what turns many people away. A lot of consumers need a global hot spot but don’t want to pay the steep prices for which they often sell. With Powww, you can buy daily, monthly and yearly plans, and finding a solution that meets your needs and budget is easier than ever.

Reliable Service

The internet should work each time you need it, and nobody wants to use an unstable network. Having a stable connection means you can surf the internet, respond to emails and more without worrying about your connection going out at the worst possible time.

Powww has a global network and remains dedicated to offering outstanding reliability. No matter the time or day, you will have no trouble getting all your devices online when you need to work or check the status of your trip. You can access the internet from almost any location of which you can think without encountering pricey data roaming charges.

Easy to Use

When buying a new piece of technology, you want something that is simple and straightforward. The Powww hot spot is small enough to fit into your pocket, allowing you to take it anywhere you go. You can turn it on with the push of a button and get the high-speed connection for which you have been hoping. The best part is that you can do all of those things without facing extra charges for data roaming.

Getting Started

If your travel plans take you outside the European Union, you need an affordable and reliable internet connection you can trust. You could try using your phone’s data or a hot spot offered by other companies, but get ready for costly fees that put a dent in your bank account if you take that path.

Getting mobile internet from Powww is how you overcome that roadblock and enjoy service on which you can depend. The team at Powww is ready to match you with a plan that meets your unique goals, and you can contact them right away for more information.

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